Scope of DTK Consulting’s Main Services

DTK Consulting has two main groups of clients. The first group includes companies and organisations (employers). Belonging to the second group are either job seekers (job candidates) or those who have high interest in areas of career development. DTK Consulting calls the second group as collaborators, to emphasize the company’s way of working.

DTK Consulting’s services for employers

For employers, our services focus on these two main areas:

1. Recruitment service (Candidate search and assessment, or sometimes called “head-hunting”):

This kind of services is most suitable to newly established companies in Vietnam, including both domestic and foreign ones.

2. Consultancy in building and implementing human resource management systems:

– Human resource (HR) policy and procedures,

– HR audit,

– Performance management,

– Employee remuneration,

– Employment relations,

– Training on soft skills.

DTK Consulting’s services for  individuals

DTK Consulting provides consultancy and support to individuals in career orientation and career management; details are as following:

1. Coooperate with and support individuals, who are having career change plan (senior managers, middle managers, professional and technical staff, or new university graduates), to achieve the best results in approaching the recruiting companies, in job application preparation, in interview and post-interview (like in supporting the candidate and the employer in salary negotiation);

2. Provide consultancy from human resource aspect for individuals in established posts, especially for those who are at milestones in their career.


This is an area seemingly new (in Vietnam). Though being in established posts (at any levels) and having no intention to move job, individuals may still have a need to be supported from certain aspects relevant to human resource management. The professional and technical staff also need objective view points and consultancy in their career orientation and career management. DTK Consulting provides support through thematic articles on the company’s website, regular newsletters or direct consultancy based on the needs of individuals. Consultancy services of DTK Consulting for individuals are free of charge.

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